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When you imagine Benetti’s Italia Furniture you can’t help but imagine our gorgeous custom upholstery sofas. Perfect for entertaining and relaxing, our luxury sofas are incredibly soft and delicate without loosing their enduring masculine quality. Made in America furniture is hard to find, and luxury home furnishings made in America are even more difficult to find, but now we provide you with the one-stop-shop for all your furniture needs. Whether you are choosing your sofa based off the color and texture of the design or off its comfortability, we have something for everyone in our collection.

Big named interior design stores put ridiculous price tags on furniture that is overproduced and under bought. However, all of our products are unique and handcrafted from the finest products available. We do not believe in short cuts, and it shows in the level of quality products we sell. In fact, we are happy to appease our customers needs when it comes to customization or any other request they may have. Virtually any color, style, or design preference is available for your viewing pleasure in a plethora of material choices. Although Italian furniture is widely known for its leather, we do have other fabrics you may choose from if you so wish. Browse our selection today, our luxury sofas await you..

Product Dimensions Are In Width x Depth x Height Format.

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  • Alba, 79X34X38


  • Alyssa, 98x40x42


  • Brianza Sofa, Size ( W x D x H ) : 98 x 38 x 46

    Brianza Sofa
    Size ( W x D x H ) : 98 x 38 x 46

  • Camelia Sofa, 101x40x47

    Camelia Sofa

  • Cristaldo Sofa, 92X40X40

    Cristaldo Sofa

  • Elena Sofa, 95x43x45

    Elena Sofa

  • Felisa Sofa, 98x40x42

    Felisa Sofa

  • Firenza Sofa, Sofa( 98 x 36 x 48 ) Loveseat (80x38x48)

    Firenza Sofa
    Sofa( 98 x 36 x 48 ) Loveseat (80x38x48)

  • Lilliana Sofa, Sofa (90x38x40

    Lilliana Sofa
    Sofa (90x38x40

  • Losanna Sofa, 99x42x46

    Losanna Sofa

  • Maribella Sofa, 96 x 38 x 46

    Maribella Sofa
    96 x 38 x 46

  • Milania Sofa, 106x40x46

    Milania Sofa

  • Montecarlo Sofa, Size ( W x D x H ) : 98 x 41 x 46

    Montecarlo Sofa
    Size ( W x D x H ) : 98 x 41 x 46

  • Montecito Sofa, 98X40X42

    Montecito Sofa

  • Norina Sofa, 100x40x42

    Norina Sofa

  • Ornella, 98x41x44


  • Riminni  Sofa, Size ( W x D x H ) : 98 x 40 x 48

    Riminni Sofa
    Size ( W x D x H ) : 98 x 40 x 48

  • Salvatore, 108x48x43


  • Valentina Sofa, 96x40x42

    Valentina Sofa

  • Visconte


  • Vivacci Sofa, Size ( W x D x H ) : 91 x 38 x 46

    Vivacci Sofa
    Size ( W x D x H ) : 91 x 38 x 46