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Do you love the thought of sinking into a handmade custom sectional at the end of a hard day? Well, now you can with Benetti’s Italia fine furniture. All of our sectionals are crafted for you and come with the softest, most comfortable materials you can imagine. If you plan on spending thousands of dollars on furniture, then you expect to get what you paid for. Our luxury couches, however, will make you a believer in luxury living! You will never go back to cheaply made furniture again! What price do you put on your comfort? We are confident that our sectionals will meet and exceed your expectations.

Product Dimensions Are In Width x Depth x Height Format.

Abrianna Abrianna
Alba Alba
Alyssa Alyssa
Ancona 2 pc Sectional Ancona 2 pc Sectional
Beladonna Beladonna
Bertina Bertina
Brianza Brianza
Camelia Camelia
Catalan Catalan
Chaise lounge Chaise lounge
Cordicella Cordicella
Cosenza Cosenza
Cristaldo Cristaldo
Donatella Donatella
Elena Elena
Enzo Enzo
Felisa Felisa
Ferrara Ferrara
Fiore Fiore
Firenza Firenza
Francesca Francesca
Liliana Liliana
Luciana Luciana
Luna Luna
Madeline Madeline
Maribella Maribella
Mestre Mestre
Milania Milania
Milerige Milerige
Modica Modica
Montecarlo Montecarlo
Montecito Montecito
Nina Nina
Norina Norina
Ornella Ornella
Perla  Collection Perla Collection
Perlita Living Room Perlita Living Room
Ravenna Ravenna
Regalia Regalia
Renata Renata
Riminni Riminni
Romana Romana
Rosabella Rosabella
Rosella Rosella
Rosetta Rosetta
Salermo Salermo
Salvatore Salvatore
Saveria Saveria
Sebastian Sebastian
Sicily Sicily
Sofia Sofia
Valentina Valentina
Venezia Venezia
Violetta Violetta
Visconte Visconte
Vivacci Vivacci